The individual curriculum areas within each classroom are:

  • Practical life - care of self, care of the environment.
  • Sensorial - refinement of the 5 senses, ​sight, hearing, taste, touch,smell
  • Language - English, Te Reo, Mandarin and French.
  • Maths
  • Cultural Areas
  • Geography, History, and Science
  • Art and Creativity
  • Social Skills
  • Music and Dance

In the Prep School we offer age-appropriate enrichment programmes in music, drama, computer, library skills and visual arts, many of which are supported by field-trips and visits. 

Ballet lessons are available on sight

Tigger's offers a school holiday programme in conjunction with the public schooling holiday timetable, with a great variety of fun games, dress up days, and much more.

We aim for fun and exploration within the daily programme, with mat times, stories, music and role play, discovery of the world, taking care of the environment and gardening. Whilst harnessing the creative energy in each child, in an environment that is a home way from home.