Tigger's Staff

Tigger’s Montessori Preschool staff offer a combined wealth of experience that will facilitate the best possible opportunities and outcomes for your child.

Our school is an owner-operated, privately run learning environment. 

Each of our school's three areas, Nursery, Junior School, and Prep School, has a team leader and assistant staff.

Our personnel and administration managers have full responsibility for the daily running of the school.

"The teacher of children up to six years of age knows that she has helped mankind in an essential part of its formation. She is happy in the knowledge that in this formative period, they were able to do what they had to do. She will also be able to say, ‘I have served the spirits of those children, and they have fulfilled their development, and I kept them company in their experiences."

– Maria Montessori, from "The Absorbent Mind".